Tips to enjoy CAVA

Tips to enjoy CAVA

At Freixenet, we like to celebrate both the big and little moments in life with cava. But there are some details that can help you maximise your enjoyment of a glass of cava. Here are a few tips we hope will be useful for you.

The best way to open a bottle of cava

You may not believe it, but you need more skill than strength. Hold the top with one hand and turn the base of the bottle with the other, while also tilting the bottle slightly. If the top resists or your grip slips, you can put the wire back on, without pressing it down, to get a better hold. That's how you make sure you don't spill any of the cava - we'd rather drink it! 

What temperature should cava be served at?

Don't forget to chill it first! A cool temperature is essential to appreciate all the cava's aroma and the delicacy of its bubbles. But cava should be cool, not freezing. The ideal serving temperature to fully appreciate cava's many different qualities and ensure a wonderful experience is between 6° and 8°C for traditional cavas (less than 15 months) and between 8° and 10°C for Reserva and Gran Reserva. If served warmer, you lose some of the aromas and part of the flavour.

How can I chill cava if I don't have a fridge?

If you don't have any refrigeration or you're outdoors, there's a very useful trick for chilling cava quickly. Put water and ice into a bucket, insert the bottle and add a generous portion of salt. In 20-25 minutes the cava will be chilled and ready to serve!

What's the best type of glass for drinking cava?

The type of glass you use to serve cava is more important than you think. The best type is a flute or tulip, narrow and tall, because their shape helps to preserve the bubbles and release the aromas. That said, a glass with a wider body is better for Gran Reserva.







Published 4 years ago

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