Tips for storing CAVA AT HOME

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There's no better place to uncork a bottle of cava and have a relaxing drink than at home with your friends and family. That's why you should make sure you keep the bottle under the right conditions to make sure the cava is perfect for drinking. Here are some tips we hope will help you store your cava successfully at home.

How long can you keep cava?

First of all, you should remember that the time cava comes onto the market is the best time to consume it. Our oenologists advise against storing cava for a long time before you drink it. A bottle of cava can generally keep its properties intact up to one year after it's bought.

This rule applies to all kinds of cava. The terms "Reserva" and "Gran Reserva" refer to the length of time a cava has been aged in the bottle and don't mean you can store them for longer at home.

Which is the best place?

The place where you store your cava is important and must have certain characteristics. It should remain at a constant temperature of between 10 and 15 degrees, without any abrupt changes, vibration or movements. It should also be clean and dry and protected from damp and light. The ideal place to store cava is the coolest room in the house.

How should cava be stored?

Cava bottles are best stored vertically before they're opened. But don't keep a bottle in the fridge door to chill it! This may be common practice but it's not advisable as the cava can be affected by the fridge door being opened and closed.
Once uncorked, if you want to keep the cava to finish it later, the bottle should be sealed again using an airtight top with some kind of fastening. There's a widespread myth that putting a teaspoon in the neck of an open bottle of cava will preserve its fizz. Not true!

Following these simple tips will ensure your cava is in perfect condition so you can really enjoy it when you pop the bottle. Cheers!

Published 4 years ago

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