#SimplePleasures interview with RAMON FRANCÀS

Because life's full of little moments we should celebrate, Freixenet presents “Simple pleasures”, a series of interviews with leading figures not only from the world of wine but also from gastronomy, sport, medicine, communication… People who may seem very different but who share a passion for a job well done and a desire to enjoy and celebrate the simple pleasures in life.

Ramón FrancasRamon Francàs


Who would you drink a toast to?
To love and health, to family and friendship.

Do you prefer simple pleasures or great celebrations?
The greatest joy comes from the smallest things. Epicurus of Samos said that pleasure is our first good. It's the starting point of all choice and every aversion. It's the absence of pain in the body and disquiet in the soul. Very often great celebrations don't provide the biggest pleasure.

What famous person would you like to share a glass of cava with?
With anyone who knows how to enjoy it fully and with passion. Perhaps there aren't so many famous people who can do that.

What occasion do you think warrants opening a bottle of cava?
Any occasion is good. 

White or rosé cava?
Good cava.

Cava - for an aperitif, a meal, dessert or all of them?
Cava is good for everything. There are few wines on the planet as versatile.

A particularly memorable toast?
For my first article in the newspaper, La Vanguardia, for my wedding, for the birth of my daughters...

Let's drink to...
... to passion, to comprehension and understanding, to equality, to good sense, to dialogue, to peace in the world, to an end to inequality and poverty... to so, so many things! But always to bring a smile to the lips of those who never laugh.

Published 5 years ago

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