#FreixenetMoments with MIREIA CASAMADA

Because life's full of little moments we should celebrate, Freixenet presents “Simple pleasures”, a series of interviews with leading figures not only from the world of wine but also from gastronomy, sport, medicine, communication… People who may seem very different but who share a passion for a job well done and a desire to enjoy and celebrate the simple pleasures in life.

Mireia Casamada


A passion for gastronomy is inherent in her. As a little girl, she'd go into the kitchen to help make the lunch. Growing up in a family of farmers meant she got to know a lot of natural foods and ingredients, always with her father's help. She started up her professional profile on Instagram after doing a postgraduate course in Brand Community Management. She started to post increasingly elaborate photos of food and, since then, has grown in popularity and renown, making a place for herself in the creative foodie world.


Who would you drink a toast to?

To my parents. They left us several years ago, when a lot of important changes were happening, and I couldn't see them. It's a tribute; when I drink a toast, I dedicate it to them.

Do you prefer little pleasures or big celebrations?

Little pleasures. Big occasions are few and far between; it's the little everyday things that make life better. I like tiny details. In my work I meticulously retouch the dish until the photo is perfect. Big occasions go by so fast, though I've learned how to take it all in my stride; I can now enjoy them and live the moment.

Who would you share a glass of cava with?

With Cleopatra, a historical figure I admire. Based on what we know today, she was a woman who swam against the tide. At that time the pharaohs were men but she went down in history as the last queen of Ancient Egypt, as a female pharaoh. She also had two great loves, Julius Caesar and Mark Anthony, and that must have been amazing!

What occasion do you think warrants opening a bottle of cava?

Whenever you feel like it. Cava's one of those things I have to fancy. I might come home one day, tired, and say “today I'm going to open a bottle of cava”. Just like that. It's true I associate opening a bottle of cava with an important moment. Perhaps I've had some good news and, on a whim, I decide to celebrate with cava. 

White or rosé cava?

I must admit I have a fondness for rosé. I associate it with the first time I ever tried rosé cava, a Pinot Noir twenty years ago. At that time rosé cava was very "chic", glamorous, and that impression has stayed with me. Elyssia Pinot Noir is a good example.

Cava with an aperitif, a meal, dessert or with everything?

Everything. When I was young, at home we used to toast with cava and I'd have a little slurp. I can still see us drinking a toast on Sundays, after lunch, with our dessert. Now, though, I can have cava with an aperitif and even enjoy a glass of Carta Nevada, for example, on its own, without anything else. In the case of Can Sala, my great love, I always pair it with strong dishes while I keep Malvasia for special moments, for sophisticated desserts or to enhance a great cheese; they make the perfect match. That's why I think cava is a very versatile wine; you can enjoy it with any kind of meal but always with the excuse to celebrate something special.

A toast you remember.

The one we make each year, at Christmas, at home with the family. We've been reciting the same verse for over 50 years and now we're passing it on to the next generation. 

A toast to…

Life. Because we don't know where we'll be tomorrow; it's that simple. Carpe diem.

Published 1 year ago

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