A pairing of the senses CAVA & CHOCOLATE

Cava and chocolate

The Aztecs believed that cacao was fruit of the Gods. Legend has it that cacao was the most beautiful tree in the Aztecs' paradise and its fruit was useful for relieving hunger and thirst. Always shrouded in myths, the benefits that were attributed to it included providing universal wisdom and even curing diseases.

The truth is that the Aztecs were not far wrong in some of their beliefs, since today the benefits of pure cacao have been scientifically proven, so much so that it is considered a “superfood”. Composed of 50 highly-valuable nutrients, cacao provides multiple benefits for the functioning of our body.

Moderate consumption of cava is equally good for health and assists well-being, as has been proven by rigorous scientific studies. So, both chocolate and cava have proven to be healthy products and they also go together perfectly. Their pairing brings an unparalleled flavour that seduces the most demanding palates. The fusion of these two pleasures invites you to open up your senses, let yourself go and enjoy the moment.

What is more, the unique combinations of certain types of cava with different varieties of chocolate provide an even more complete experience of tones and flavours. If that makes your mouth water, we offer you the chance to enjoy this experience by tasting our most exclusive cavas in harmony with delicious chocolates. Discover our Cavas with Chocolate visit, which also includes a guided tour of the ancient Freixenet cellars.  Sight, touch, sound, smell and taste merge to delight you in this pairing of the senses.

Published 1 year ago

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