New #NiceOnICE campaign for Freixenet ICE & ICE Rosé


We are happy to present our new summer campaign #NiceOnICE for Freixenet ICE & Freixenet ICE Rosé. The campaign is aimed to be aired on television and social media to promote our most refreshing cavas and its fabulous signature cocktails in a fresh, cool and convivial atmosphere.

The film shows an aspirational Mediterrean lifestyle and spirit, with a group of friends enjoying Freixenet ICE & ICE Rosé cocktails in a relaxed, friendly environment. The distinct “POP!” sound of an uncorked cava bottle marks the start of a sunny afternoon party in a beautiful chiringuito by the sea. Of course, the party finishes with a toast to celebrate the lovely moment!

Our objective is to show how Freixenet ICE is prepared and how easily anyone can make and enjoy these refreshing cocktails. It just needs to be served with ice cubes in a big glass, with sprigs of mint or touch of fruits.

Freixenet ICE & ICE Rosé

Inspired by a fresh new vision, Freixenet ICE is a nice, enjoyable cava with a nose of peaches, ripe pears, flowers and nuances of tropical fruits. Also, Freixenet ICE Rosé is bound to win our heart with its vibrant harmony of fruitiness and freshness.  They are the new cool and stylish way to get an extra refreshing glass of cava, as they have been especially created to be enjoyed in a lovely big glass over great chunks of ice.

Published 1 year ago

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