Freixenet’s collaborative marketing campaign

Freixenet’s collaborative marketing campaign

We have released a new collaborative marketing campaign to promote our most stylish sparkling wines ever: Freixenet Prosecco and Freixenet Italian Rosé. For this campaign, we have selected 500 brand ambassadors to whom we have sent a set of bottles so that they can enjoy their most glamourous celebrations yet in tandem with Freixenet, their friends and their families, sharing these moments on social media. They will also help us by telling us all about their experiences with these new products. What’s more, 30 of our collaborators are taking part in this project, based on the “mouth to mouth” sharing of experiences, which will bring together a large community of collaborative consumers via the new digital channels.

The results so far couldn’t be more positive, as our brand ambassadors have already organised hundreds of elegant events in fantastic company, all the while raising their glasses with Freixenet. In addition to this, all participants in this project have loved our sparkling wines, describing Freixenet Prosecco as fresh, pleasant and aromatic, while characterising our Freixenet Italian Rosé as a fruity, smooth rosé with forest fruits aromas. In general, they highlight the quality and beauty of these two products, both of which are presented in spectacular, cut-glass bottles. We encourage you to follow all our publications via the hashtag #BrindaConEstilo on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Published 4 years ago

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