Freixenet renews the Biosphere Sustainable Tourism Certification

Freixenet Biosphere

Freixenet has recently again renewed the Biosphere Sustainable Tourism Certification as recognition for its efforts in sustainable and quality-led tourism. The Biosphere label is a stamp of approval from the Institute of Responsible Tourism (IRT) that certifies that a company’s tourism activity is sustainable, voluntary and independent. Freixenet was presented with this award for the first time last year and has been awarded it again this year for the destination “Coastal Barcelona”.

The stamp means that Freixenet complies with the requisites of the “Biosphere Destination” standard and that it successfully completes six main criteria related to its tourism policies: sustainable management, social and economic development, cultural heritage conservation and improvements, environmental conservation, quality and safety, and visitor involvement.

The certificate is awarded by incorporating new sustainability criteria, maintaining high quality tourism and by offering tourists guarantees of sustainable tourism management, environmental sustainability, cultural protection, socio-economic development and customer satisfaction.

As such, we work hard on our wine tourism to guarantee an economic, social and environmental balance that satisfies the current needs of our visitors and that aims to help the company, society and the environment, protecting and improving all of our future prospects. Discover our complete sustainable wine tourism package at Freixenet.

Published 4 years ago

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