A history of EXCELLENCE

Explore a tale of family tradition, passion and values ingrained with the passage of time. Our history reaffirms our commitment to quality and global sustainability, the excellence of cava and the mission of leadership.

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The family business Casa Sala begins. The predecessor of the family company Freixenet, this company is founded by Francesc Sala Farrés and subsequently helmed by his son Joan.
Freixenet 1861


The heiress of Casa Sala, Dolores Sala Vivé, marries the youngest son of the Ferrer de la Freixeneda family, Pedro Ferrer Bosch, whose nickname is 'el Freixenet'.
The couple, along with Joan Sala, begin to produce sparkling wine following the traditional method, which is similar to that of Champagne.
Freixenet 1911


Launch on the market of the first bottle of sparkling wine under the Freixenet brand, which will end up becoming the brand of both the company and the group.
Enormous development of the new family business, thanks to the duo of Dolores, who is an oenologist and administrator, and Pedro, who is an innovative businessman and an extraordinary salesman. At the time that the Spanish Civil War breaks out, Freixenet is the country's number two “champagne” producer and has built a modern wine cellar in the district of the train station in the town of Sant Sadurní d'Anoia.
Freixenet 1914


In celebration of the Universal Exposition, the company creates the “Freixenet Boy”, which soon becomes a brand icon.
Freixenet 1929


SPANISH CIVIL WAR. Collectivisation of Freixenet and the death of Pedro Ferrer and his eldest son, Joan Ferrer Sala, leaving the family without a company, without either the head or the 'first heir'.
Freixenet 1936


COURAGEOUS WOMEN. In the wake of the Spanish Civil War, the Freixenet company is returned to the family. It is Pilar Ferrer who, at age 20, takes charge of reinstating the company's activity.
When Pilar Ferrer gets married, the company falls into the hands of an agent and Ms. Dolores Sala.
Freixenet 1939


THE ENTRANCE OF JOSEP FERRER. The “Ullastres” Stabilisation Plan and the opening of Spain to the outside world mark the start of the country's modernisation.
At this time, José Ferrer Sala joins the management at Freixenet, after completing his studies in oenology and trade. Like Spain itself, Freixenet too sets out on the road to modernisation. This manifests in both the production, with the expansion of the cellar and the implementation of more mechanised systems, and particularly with a more dynamic vision from the commercial perspective, which now includes the first attempts to internationalise the brand.
Freixenet 1959


JOSÉ LUÍS BONET APPEARS ON THE SCENE. José Luís Bonet Ferrer joins the company as Commercial Director. Uncle and nephew form an invincible duo.
José Luís brings to the table a strategic vision that José knows exactly how to implement. Between the two, they set the scene for what today would be considered an extraordinary marketing plan: the creation and/or launch of exclusive products such as the Carta Nevada and the Cordón Negro, which are undoubtedly vital to the company's progress and expansion.
Freixenet 1965


Launch of the iconic Carta Nevada on TV for the first time. The bottle would end up giving the brand identity and success that will drive the business to really take off.
Freixenet 1967


Birth of the “Freixenet Bubble”.
Freixenet 1972


Launch of Cordón Negro, the brand's most internationally famous bottle, which is distributed in more than 140 countries.
Creation of the advertising campaign with bubbles. Start of a spectacular, festive communication strategy that becomes the icon of the brand.
Freixenet 1974


Launch of the first Cuvée de Prestige, D.S., in honour of the Freixenet cofounder Dolors Sala. It is the first creation of an exclusive 9-Cuvée collection that has gradually been completed through the years.
Reserva Real (1989), Malvasia (1991), Monsatrell Xarel·lo (1996), Elyssia Gran Cuvée and Elyssia Pinot Noir (1997), Trepat (1998), Can Sala (2004) and Garnatxa Subirat Parent (2015).
Freixenet 1979


The brand's notoriety is consolidated in Spain and Freixenet firmly banks on the international project, which is completely helmed by José Ferrer Sala.
Freixenet 1980


The Freixenet Group is created with the takeover of UCSA and is later consolidated internationally with the incorporation of different wineries into the Group.
Henri Abelé – Reims (1985)
Gloria Ferrer – Sonoma (1986)
Sala Vivé – Mexico (1988)
Katnook – Australia (2001)
Viento Sur – Argentina (2002)
Yvon Mau – Bordeaux (2001)
Freixenet 1981


Freixenet is consolidated as a leader of the Cava sector, thanks to its worldwide success.
Freixenet 1985


In its steadfast commitment to progress and sport, Freixenet sponsors the unforgettable Olympic Games of Barcelona.
Freixenet 1992


Freixenet, the first sparkling wine in space.
Freixenet 1997


Restoration of Can Sala, the historic winery of the Ferrer Sala family in Sant Quintí de Mediona, preserving the original 1900 Coquard press from Champagne. The Can Sala cava, whose first vintage comes out in 2004, is produced there manually and meticulously.
Freixenet 1999


Freixenet is a founding partner of the Spanish Network of the United Nations World Pact, and the first winemaking group to form part of this initiative.
Made, recognised and backed by the ISO 14001 certificate, which Freixenet earned in 1999.
Freixenet 2002


The prestigious film director Martin Scorsese directs the Freixenet Christmas advertisement.
Martin Scorsese, who is widely considered to be the best director of all times, draws inspiration from the Hitchcock film to create an unrepeatable short. Actors Simon Baker and Kelli O’Hara star in a story of feverish suspense in New York's colossal Carnegie Hall.
Freixenet 2007


Freixenet celebrates its 100th anniversary.
Freixenet 2014


Birth of the latest Cuvée de Prestige, Garnatxa Subirat Parent. The firm's first Blanc de Noirs cava, this product is made with Grenache, combined with the white grape varietal Subirat Parent.
This product completes our Cuvées de Prestige collection, where each and every product is made with the authorised grape varietals of the Cava DO.
Freixenet 2015


Freixenet Ice Rosé completes the ICE range, the most innovative way to sip an extra refreshing glass of cava.
A special cava created by our oenologists as a mixer to serve in a large wine glass with ice and the liqueurs and fruit of your choice.
Freixenet 2016


Can Sala, elaborated in the historic cellar of the Ferrer Sala family, is one of the first twelve Cavas de Paraje Calificado approved by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment.
This new superior category, promoted by the Cava Regulatory Council, includes only singular cavas produced in a smaller area within the Cava Designation of Origin qualified for its outstanding edaphic and climatological conditions.
Freixenet 2017