Achieving the perfect cava cocktail is an art that you can easily learn and master. Follow our tips and enjoy the most delicious cocktails on your own or in company:

Use the ideal glass

Oh, the glass. Cold, bright and ready to slowly close in on your mouth. Always use the ideal glass and you'll get it right.

Mix it with the best ingredients

Because common salt isn't the same as Himalayan Salt. Carefully choose the ingredients and your cocktail will be unique.

Dare to break the ice

Everything is always easier than you think. Add the perfect amount of ice and your cocktail will become an exceptional creation.

Create it with all our cavas

You can create cocktails with any of our most emblematic cavas. Surprise yourself!

Be different to the rest

Be daring. Explore new flavours and discover a whole world of aromas that will seduce your palate and that of your guests.

Remember the final presentation

And finally, remember that a good cocktail starts with its look. So meticulously take care of the smallest details and start enjoying.


Now you’re ready to achieve the perfect cava cocktail